Monday, June 2, 2008

Fellow Photogs...

To all you hobbyists or aspiring photographers out there - -I strongly encourage you to play! I heard Parker Pfister, a great photographer in North Carolina, speak on this very thing. He is a wedding photographer by trade and his past performance has caused him to be in great demand. Weddings are fast-paced, stressful, and sometimes not very rewarding, as you can imagine, so in order to keep himself fresh and excited about photography, he goes out to the streets of Asheville, or wherever he is, and photographs whatever he finds interesting. The homeless, random city sculptures, and early morning mist, to name a few, have acted as a honing stone to him for years. I think we can all learn from this no matter what we do from 9 to 5. We need to keep it fun and remember why we chose our profession in the first place. An Esteemed colleague of mine and I ventured out to the lively streets of Lexington, Kentucky. This drastic change-of-style really lit a fire under me. see...

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