Tuesday, June 17, 2008

James and Rebecca

You two are so adorable together... I wish you all the happiness in the world! Speaking of the world... I think everyone in the world needs to sit back, and take a lesson or two from James and Rebecca on how to be laid back, calm, and cool on your own wedding day! The plan for the day was to enjoy a blissful late-spring outdoor wedding... Well, anyone familiar with Kentucky weather knows that planning anything outside is the ultimate risk! Well, June 13 proved no exception to our ever changing climate. The hours passed with clear blue skies, drizzle, and the occasional downpour. 6:00 crept closer with no guarantee of nice, sunny weather. Luckily, God did part the clouds for just enough time to wipe off the chairs, and have a beautiful ceremony! With all the uncertainty for Rebecca and James to face, they couldn't have been cooler about the situation. They both knew that where they tied the knot didn't matter. The important thing was THIS WAS THEIR WEDDING DAY and nothing can take that away! Not even Friday-the-13th RAIN. I'm so proud of their great attitude. Hats off!

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