Friday, August 1, 2008

Children and Senior Outdoor and On-Location Photography

Greetings! I am introducing a new division of my photography. Once devoted solely to Weddings, and Advertising photography, I am expanding to Children's Outdoor and On-Location photography. For the past two years I have been employed with the CKPS studios, aka, Celebrity Kids, as a senior photographer, later promoted to master photographer. I ran the Outdoor division of the Celebrity Kids Studio. You can visit the website and view my CKPS work at As it happens for mosts photographers, there comes a time when one must take the plunge in to the delightful world of entreprenuership. I'll no longer operate at a CKPS photographer, now I'll operate my outdoor and on-location photography under Robin Allen Photography.


Wow~ We here in America are so blessed and take it so for granted!!!

I recently had the great privilege of hearing a wonderful story of how Claire Martin came to live with her new mom and dad, Keri and James. I learned about how sad life in China is for the poor and about child-rearing regulations. We here in America need to quit any and all whining EVER. We are so blessed to live in a free nation where any one person (regardless or race, creed, or gender) can choose for him or herself.... .. .. well, anything. We have choices. I can't imagine a life where my government instructs me not to have more than one child. I think Mr. Hannity is so right, we DO have the best health care system in the world! And I hope we as a nation don't choose to have anything less!
This is Claire, a lovely 3-year-old little girl.... Photographing this family was such a blessing!
Claire's adoption website...

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