Saturday, January 31, 2009


Praying for you folks who are in a hard way since the ice storm... This too shall pass.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Lexington On-Location Baby Photography

The following were shot at Baby Haley's house right here in Lexington! Those of you who want the professional studio experience without the hassle of carting around the kids half way across Lexington have found the right photographer!

Our session lasted about two hours and we used every second! I know exactly what you're thinking... "There's no way my baby would last two hours!" Well neither did Haley of course. It's essential for a successful baby session to budget time to nurse and relax and play, nurse and relax and play... and then sleep! It's my job as your photographer to capture priceless photographs within the normalcy that is your baby's routine!

Like with any child ~ Babies do last longer if the photo session isn't a chore! So that's why I love my job... I get to just have fun with kids and coo with babies! Thank you for such a special baby session! Baby Haley is such a chunky little treat! I love this quirky little smirk!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Newborn Photography

Don't you just love beautiful little babies?! Thanks Francie and John - It was a treat to photograph your family today! I do hope you love your baby's photographs!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

back from SPA

Photography is great! This past week I attended the SPA conference in Las Vegas. I must say I was sad to see it end! SPA stands for Senior Portrait Artists. It's a conference where Senior Photographers get together to rub elbows, trade ideas, and basically hone each others' skill. What other industry do competitors further each others career!??! I loved working with these young models in some of the most beautiful settings I've ever been in. Many thanks to Phillips Mitchel for being my full time mentor. And Also to the other great teachers like Rod Evans, Fuzzy Dueknel, Sarah Smith, and the Boxs. The Photograph industry is so lucky to have dozens and dozens of great leaders who love to share their ideas with those willing to learn. Looking forward to San Diego in 2010!