Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wedding Photography when times are tight...

Cutting the costs of the wedding is not the most glamorous thing to do... after all, what has every little girl dreamed of at least a million times throughout her childhood... her dream wedding! And that wedding had the most beautiful flowers, best wedding photographer, highest quality food, most elegant gown, tallest cake, and the most exotic honeymoon...

But after all, everyone isn't a fairy princess and hardly anyone gets
THAT wedding.

I have some encouragement for you... Think in these terms...

When you look over your past, when you've been married ten years, fifteen years,
fifty years... what would you like to remember? What keepsakes would you like to still have? I encourage you to let go of NEEDING the superficial tangibles that advertisers, of all people, promise that you NEED.

Do you want a dream wedding or a dream
marriage? Is your cake really going to matter? Your wedding dress? The tuxedo? The photography? The honeymoon? Where's YOUR heart?

I encourage you not to coast through your planning. just because a wedding planner makes some awesome suggestions, you make sure YOU want them. Don't spend a dime unless it's what is important to you! Robin Allen Photography