Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Photography Bridal Registry

I am so excited to let this cat out of the bag! In stead of registering for more bath towels and silverware, brides now can register for their photography!

How often have you received a wedding invitation from a friend or relative and didn't know what to get as a wedding gift? Many people struggle to select a gift that they feel the bride and groom will enjoy. That's the reason Bridal Registries were invented in the first place. Typically, couples "register" and wedding guests are able to choose from the list of gifts, thereby getting something they know the couple would like to receive.

Today's brides and grooms have often been out on their own for a number of years, so they may not have the need for many of the household items newly married couples needed in years past. The Photography Gift Registry allows friends and relatives to purchase additional wedding photography credit in any amount for the wedding couple - a wonderful gift idea for those out-of-town guests that really don't know what the couple may desire. Other than the new husband or wife and the wedding dress, photographs are often the thing most treasured after the wedding.

This is a gift that will not be returned! - It's like a super-gift card... The couple can choose to add lots of extra pages to their wedding album when they see how much they really will cherish those memories, they can order a customized guest book so wedding guests can write love notes in a book of their engagement images, or choose a certain wall portrait for their home that they might not have afforded without the registry's help! The list goes on and on!

All brides are automatically entered in to the registry when they reserve Robin Allen Photography! The gift buyer can simply fill out a simple form on our website... After the giver has filled in all the necessary information, we'll send a special card to them which acknowledges their generosity. They can write a love note to the happy couple and watch them open this gift just like any other great gift!

Any questions - never hesitate!

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