Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Simply Love Studio!

I am so excited about this endeavor David and I have happened upon... Robin Allen Photography is now a preferred vendor at the new Simply Love Studio opening later this month!

Simply Love is best described as a "bridal fair slowed waaaay down." I'm sure every bride out there knows that bridal fairs can be great places to collect information, but they're also very overwhelming and busy and confusing! I remember when I was engaged, we paid to attend a bridal fair in Louisville. We migrated from booth to booth receiving fliers and doing our best to avoid the small talk with the hopeful vendors. For my mom it was an endless line of telemarketers-in-person. At the end of the day I honestly couldn't remember a single vendor. They all ran together.

Simply Love is exactly what every bride needs. Over the past several months they have really been doing their homework. They have scoured Lexington looking for the best caterers, videographers, florists, hotels, djs, musicians, and photographers, and the list goes on and on. Each vendor is pre-selected, interviewed, and must be approved. Simply Love makes their selections based on overall style, experience and their ability to go above and beyond for their clients.

Once the store opens March 25, brides will be able to sit down with a friendly guide to help you muddle through many choices brides have to make when they're planning a wedding. They will listen to what you and your family wants for the wedding, your budget and help educate you! In my opinion, this is grrreat for brides because the Simply Love Studio is not compensated by the vendor if a bride chooses one of the preferred vendor. The staff at Simply Love really are the bride's advocates! The staff are not salespeople! oh and one more thing... ITS FREE TO BRIDES. She and her family wont pay a cent for this awesome service!

One of the best things about this (for us anyway) is that we wont have to meet at places like Starbucks anymore. We'll meet downtown at the Studio! Just think - quiet, relaxed, my albums and information will already be there waiting for me! No more carting around my luggage! We can also talk more intelligently with our brides about the photography. She can go up to an image on their wall and say, "Please don't do this kind of thing," or "I LOVE this. Can you do this!?"

I invite you to come out to the Stuido on March 25th from 6-9pm for a glamorous grand opening. And brides - you should definitely book a complimentary appointment if you're planning a wedding. Say goodbye to planning stresses! It's a thing of the past! For more information about Simply Love Studio, visit their website at http://www.simplylovestudio.com/

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