Saturday, March 5, 2011


Today we launched our first ever Facebook contest. The contest is searching for the "best kid ever." Yes, its a photo contest, but unlike many many photo contests. A short and sweet word-portrait of the kiddo is submitted along with mom's favorite image that I photographed.

I'm not after the little models, or perfect little barbie dolls (or bratz I guess is more current). I want moms to show off the shining character of their little ones. I want to hear what makes their kid interesting, and special, how they make their parents laugh and how much the entertain grandma and grandpa.

In a Facebook world of APPEARANCE IS EVERYTHING, I am rebelling against just that. Appearance is virtually NOTHING. I know the term "appearance is just skin deep" is a bit cliche, but is is so true... Looks are merely a shallow veneer on top of the masterpiece that God created. Lets show THAT off!

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