Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby's First Year

Hi friends, in years past my Baby's First Year Program has left my clients wanting more!!  I can't tell you how may of them wanted an album!  They wanted a beautiful way to have the photographs we shot from throughout the whole year.  Yes, they have beautiful wall portraits dotting their walls, and frames in the book shelves, but what showcases their little one's growth?  

So I complied!

Also, I get tons of inquiries from new clients who want a more modest endeavor... just sessions!  

So I complied!

I now have for you two choices: Baby's First Year the full program, and her lighter sister,  Baby's First Year the economy program.  Each include 5 studio sessions, a Facebook Disc from every session, and a discount of 10% off any Collections from throughout the year.  The fabulous additions with the Full Program includes, the stunning flush-mount album, the five series marking the growth throughout they year, a 20 inch wall portrait, and birth announcements.  You can more easily compare the two at this link.  You'll see that BOTH programs are super duper deals!

I am happy to collect one lump sum, but i find that it is a little easier on us both if the $ transition is a little more gradual, so I spread fees over twelve months.

You'll like the program!  You'll LOVE your photographs from this special first year!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I'm totally exited about these debut sessions... yes that's right, I opened an studio!  After 4 (ish) great years shooting on-location only, we've taken the plunge!
You'll definitely want to sign up for these first sessions! $125 session fee includes the session AND a 10 inch square print that is framed and matted!!  It's a super deal!
Here's Rule # 1 for preparing your kid for the session... Take that silly word "cheese" and throw it out the window.  I promise to NOT ask your kid to give me that strained, toothy, fake, grin.  Your kiddo will get to see me and his mom and dad act like complete goof balls!!  YEP, you should sign up just on how much FUN we're going to have!!
Call me for details and to reserve your session!!  859-685-8516
Like us on Facebook and stay updated on these sessions..

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